Monday, May 14, 2007

this is a wakeup call that liberals will never hear

David Limbaugh makes a good point in this column about the need for liberals to wake up to the very real dangers posed by radical Islam, but I fear that he is wasting his breath. American liberals will never understand the danger because they are blinded by ideology, and by their hatred for Bush.

I've been giving this Bush-hate a lot of thought lately. It is truly frightening to see such a sizable portion of the American population become so consumed by hatred. Hate makes people do scary things, as the followers of Islamofascism repeatedly demonstrate for us.

When Clinton was President, America's conservatives were angry. We were angry about the criminal activity that he, his wife, and his associates were associated with. We were angry about his sexual excapades. We were angry about the selling of classified national security information to a communist country. We were angry about Clinton's perjury, and the utter disregard he had for the rule of law.

As angry as conservatives were, however, we never hated him. You never saw the right-wing blogs fanticize about killing him. You never saw conservative commentators talk about raping and killing his wife or any members of his administration. You never saw conservative lawmakers travel to foreign countries in an attempt to undermine Clinton. In other words, conservatives behaved like responsible adults.

Compare that to the actions of today's liberal. They are so consumed with hatred for Bush that they would do anything--up to and including helping our Islamofascist enemies defeat us--to cripple the Bush presidency and to win back the White House. Think about that as you ponder who to vote for next year.


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How right U are.

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