Monday, May 14, 2007

most of you are missing the point about opie and anthony

It's stunning, really, to see how badly most of you are missing the point of the whole Opie and Anthony situation (

Several of you have expressed the opinion that this ugly episode isn't about politics. You're wrong. There is a group of people in this country called liberals, and they have decided that they are the final arbiters of what can and cannot be said in public. Anything that they disagree with is called hate speech, and they want to outlaw it. Anything that they agree with, no matter how ugly or untrue it is, gets a pass. When you have a group of people who are that dishonest, and who are that relentless in their quest to destroy all who disagree with them, then they must be confronted. The very fact that these hypocrites got so worked up about Imus, but said nothing about Opie and Anthony, tells you everything you need to know about them. They don't give two hoots about racism or sexism. They just want a vehicle to use to go after conservatives. Imus himself isn't conservative, but they used him to go after conservatives. Opie and Anthony spewed their garbage directly at conservative targets, therefore, they get a pass. That makes me sick.

Some of you have called this a 1st Amendment issue. You are wrong. The 1st Amendment doesn't protect spoken fantasies of rape. It's alarming how little many of you know about the 1st Amendment. Freedom of speech was written into the Bill of Rights to protect our ability to express opposition to public policy and to the actions of public officials. It was never intended to mean that we can say anything we want with no fear of penalties, and it has never been interpreted that way.

What Opie and Anthony did was reprehensible, and all good people will condemn them for it. The fact that so many of you are entertained by their filth sickens me. It speaks volumes about the content of your character.


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Here is one liberal website that calls them out saying "This kind of trash should be universally deplored...":

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