Saturday, May 05, 2007

thoughts on the gop "debate" Chris Matthews was really impartial and professional, wasn't he? Wasn't he??? Report card from's Chuck Muth, who actually thought that Chris Matthews WAS impartial and professional. No kidding! Less than twenty-four hours after the ten announced Republican presidential candidates squared off at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library last night, reviews from the party brass -- that is, state party chairmen and Republican National Committeemen and Committeewomen have started to come in..... Friends of Fred Thompson say he'll announce this summer. We shall see.....

My opinions:
1. McCain is dead in the water, and Giuliani will be too, especially if Thompson enters the race. Giuliani is pro-abortion, and that won't fly with the GOP base.
2. Mike Huckabee will rise in the polls as a result of his debate performance. Will it be enough?
3. Duncan Hunter, Tom Tancredo and Sam Brownback gained nothing from the debate. All three will be effectively finished by Labor Day.
4. Ron Paul is a lunatic! Yes, it's true--we have nuts on the right side of the acorn tree too! I like to think of Ron Paul as the GOP's answer to Dennis Kucinich. (Now that would be a debate I would pay to see! That should have been the opening act for the De La Hoya/Merriweather fight tonight on pay-per-view!)
5. Romney will fade, though not as quickly as McCain and Giuliani. Flip-floppers from Massachusettes tend not to do so well in national elections.
6. Come February of 2008, we will see Al Gore and either Mike Huckabee or Fred Thompson as The Last Men Standing. Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich will announce at that time their intention to pair up for Dancing With the Stars. John Edwards will be their hair stylist and Hillary will do their wardrobe.


Blogger Captain Mike said...

You call Ron Paul a lunatic? And why is that? Because he actually believes that the President and Congress should obey the "supreme law of the land" (the US Consitution)?
Or is it because he actually knows what's happening to the economy of the country and want to head off the coming meltdown by restoring a sound currency?
Or maybe it's because he wants to end an illegal, unconstitutional an immoral war?
I suggest that before you call him names you might want to check out his record. You can read a collection of his writings (yes, he actually writes his own stuff. That alone makes him an order of magnitude smarter than his opponents who all use professional speech writers) at
You'll find that he has written several books, including one on the economy and another on foreign policy. After you've read these, get back to me and we'll discuss his "lunacy."

10:46 AM  
Blogger hondo said...

Yes, Ron Paul is a lunatic. He believes that the war in Iraq was illegal. It wasn't. Congress issued a joint resolution authorizing military action. The Constitution does not mandate a specific form that a war declaration conforms to. The constitution was followed.

Ron Paul believes that Iraq was never a threat to the United States. He's flat out wrong. Saddam made it very plain that he intended to destroy the United States. He attempted to assasinate a sitting U.S. President. He had WMD and used them against his own people, and he threatened to use them against us and Israel. He was aiding terrorist organizations around the world who were, in turn, committed to destroying America. He gave money to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers. He had preliminary, exploratory meetings with al Quaida operatives because they had a common goal--the destruction of the U.S.

Ron Paul believes that the Patriot Act is unconstitutional. He is wrong. He, and you, should read the Federalist Papers and what they have to say about the national defense powers of the president. You should read the federal court decisions that make it very plain that the president has the absolute right to wiretap phone calls coming to and from our enemies in other countries. The Patriot Act is good law.

If Ron Paul was president, we would be less safe as a nation. He doesn't understand Islamofascism and the terrorist methods they use. This isn't 1975 anymore, when we had big countries that could be identified on a map as our enemies. We now have networks of people who live in each and every country of the world who are dedicated to a fanatical, murderous religion who want to destroy America. They are extremely mobile, and they aren't tied to specific nations. Paul can't seem to comprehend this. He is not fit to be our Commander-In-Chief.

8:23 PM  

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