Thursday, May 24, 2007

the people will be heard

From 1994-2006, Sweden was held up by the left as a model for the greatness of socialism. Social Democrat Ingvar Carlsson was Sweden's prime minister for the first two years of that time period, followed by fellow socialist Goran Persson for the remaining decade. In 1993, Sweden had the third-highest unemployment rate in Scandinavia. Today, they have the second-highest. Sweden's GDP per capita was the highest in Scandinavia back in 1993, but today Sweden ranks second from the bottom in the region.

Now, a wooden-headed conservative like myself looks at those facts and says, "Socialism ain't workin'!" Good little socialists like Hillary or John "The Breck Girl" Edwards or Al "Sci-Fi Channel" Gore look at those facts and say, "Looks good to me! Let's do another 12 years!"

Apparently, the good people of Sweden disagree. They now have a new prime minister, and he's an economic conservative. Fredrik Reinfeldt is the leader of the coalition government (Alliance for Sweden) that formed in opposition to the the radical left. The coalition consists of the 4 center-right parties in the Swedish parliament (the Riksdag). From the article linked above:

Reinfeldt's policies could come right out of the playbook of Margaret Thatcher and President Reagan. The new Swedish prime minister has implemented a series of reforms, including tax cuts on personal income, abolishing wealth taxes, lowering property taxes, lowering unemployment benefits (among the highest in the world), privatizing state companies and services, and looking at lifting monopolies like the one held by Apoteket (a state-run pharmacy chain).

Reinfeldt happens to be a supporter of Pres. Bush, just like the new leaders in France and Germany. The incoming prime minister of Great Britain is also much more supportive of Bush than either of the left-wing kooks he was running against. How can this happen? If liberals are telling the truth when they say that the world hates America and hates Bush and is aching for left wing leadership, then why is it that these pro-America, pro-Bush, right-of-center leaders keep getting elected in other countries?

I guess that's why they're called liberaliars.


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