Monday, May 21, 2007

hillary would have fit right in at kabul

November 1984 (Time Magazine)--- The scene at Kabul airport was heartrending, according to one observer: parents and relatives were held at gunpoint behind police barricades, prevented from gathering their departing children in a final embrace. Amid tears and anguish, earlier this month some 370 Afghan children between the ages of seven and nine were herded aboard a Soviet airliner. Their destination: the Soviet Union, where for the next 15 to 20 years they will be put through a course of political indoctrination. According to Radio Kabul, the official voice of Afghan President Babrak Karmal's Soviet-backed regime, the children will be taught "Marxist-Leninist thinking, and an appreciation of the greatness of the Soviet state and the evils of imperialism."
Sources within the anti-Soviet Afghan resistance movement say that the children will join an estimated 16,000 to 20,000 Afghan youngsters who have been forcibly sent to the Soviet Union over the past four years. One Western diplomat in Islamabad, Pakistan, says that the Soviets, faced with widespread opposition in Afghanistan, "may have concluded that nothing short of Sovietization inside the U.S.S.R. would make much of an ideological dent in Afghan youth."

Now read this:

You know, I think that Hillary is one of those "wrong time/wrong place" kind of people. Obviously, she would have fit right in with the Marxist-Leninist government of the old Soviet Union and their satellite government in Afghanistan. She believes that the youth of America need to be herded into the state indoctrination centers---I mean the public schools---at the tender age of four, so that they can be molded into good little socialists.

Every single study that has ever been done on America's modern educational establishment shows one very clear fact: When our kids enter kindergarten and 1st grade, their academic achevement is superior to kids from other countries. By the time our kids hit the 5th grade, most of the western countries surpass our kids. By the time the American student reaches high school, most of the world has surpassed our kids. In other words, the longer our kids stay in the public schools, the worse they do.

Hillary looks at those stats and says, let's get our kids into the public schools sooner. Huh? That doesn't make a lick of sense! Well, at least to my way of wooden-headed conservative thinking, it doesn't.

I think we can all agree that spending additional years in the public schools will not help our kids, despite what Hillary says. There must be some other reason, then, that Hillary wants our kids under the government's control at a younger age. Of course, we know what the real reason is--liberaliar indoctrination. Liberal indoctrination of 4-year olds will create a culture that will willingly accept deprivation of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in the name of the global warming pseudo-religion. Properly indoctrinated 4-year olds will gladly accept the destruction of the traditional family through the gay marriage agenda. The abolition of all public expressions of Christian faith will be much easier to accomplish if we hand our kids over to the liberals right out of the womb (assuming that the liberals allow them to live outside the womb).

Hillary can talk all she wants about improving education, but her lies are easy to spot. This has nothing to do with education, and everything to do with creating a new U.S.S.R.


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