Thursday, April 26, 2007

deaniac reveals the true agenda of the liberaliars

The head of the Democratic Party said Wednesday that the best way to get presidential candidates to talk frankly about issues is to lock out the media.
During the Mortgage Bankers Association conference, a banker expressed frustration with candidates who only talk in sound bites and wondered how that could be changed. Howard Dean, once a presidential candidate, offered a simple solution.
"I suggest you have candidates in to meetings like this and bar the press," Dean said.
The Democratic National Committee chairman criticized media coverage, arguing that networks such as CBS used to put content first and didn't mind losing money for the prestige of delivering a quality news report. Dean said the days of Walter Cronkite are gone and the corporatization of the media has led to a desire to boost profits.

"The media has been reduced to info-tainment," Dean said. "Info-tainment sells, the problem is they reach the lowest common denominator instead of forcing a little education down our throats, which we are probably in need of from time to time."

Those are the words of Howard Dean in an excerpt from the article I linked to above. There are several lessons we can learn from that excerpt:

1. For all their gaseous blather about being defenders of the Bill of Rights, the cold light of harsh reality illuminates the truth for us. And what is that truth? Liberaliars don't believe in freedom of the press.
2. Liberaliars long for the "good old days," when America's Leading Socialist--Walter Cronkite--could "force a little education down our throats" and never be challenged. Of course, back in the day, there was no such thing as conservative talk radio, FOX News, or the conservative blogosphere, so good little socialists like Cronkite could force-feed his Marxist beliefs to a captive audience and not have to worry about competing ideas. Keep this very simple truth in mind as Democrats start talking about the Fairness Doctrine.
3. Do you remember my post from a couple of days ago concerning the latest issue of Newsweek? I talked about how an article in that rag, supposedly covering the Imus mess, contained a chart which referred to all of the leading conservative talk radio hosts as "shock jocks." I also talked about how the chart speculated that "The Big 3"--Limbaugh, Hannity and Savage--were already being targeted by the same people who went after Imus. Think about that as you read the article I linked to above. Does anyone honestly think that Dean is thinking about any of the old reliable liberaliar news outlets as he talks about exclusion? Of course not! The truth is that the Deaniacs are intent on silencing all opinion and speech that isn't favorable to the liberaliar, socialist agenda.
4. One final truth--Howard Dean is still bitter over the media reaction to his maniacal ranting after finishing third in the 2004 Iowa caucus. He wants to have the power to "edit" the news. I have a suggestion. Mr. Dean, if you truly don't want the world to view you as a demented lunatic, you should ask your physician for different meds. The old meds ain't workin'!


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