Wednesday, April 25, 2007

spartanburg, sc in the news

This is the biggest thing to hit Spartanburg since The Marshall Tucker Band and Henry Martin!

Seriously, the news in the above article proves something I have said for a long time. Mike Huckabee is a Christian conservative and, although he has some explaining to do on his tax policies, he is rock solid conservative on the social side. The pundits say a guy like that can't get votes. The truth is very different.


Blogger Henry Martin said...

I have been to Spartanburg, but not recently. Here in the upstate it is sort of like back in the old days of "city states" - Sparta vs Athens. Of course, we do share a US representative (from Greenville Co.) in Bob Inglis. For some reason, Presbyterian Senator Jim DeMint (of Greenville) supports Romney. Therein is the reason Romney topped Huckabee in the local straw poll. Who's to say if the points system might have put him over the top in G'ville.

Our other upstate Senator is not as popular among conservatives based on his skills as a compromiser (but he does get things done!) Sen. Linsey Graham is in a way a "clone" of John McCain! I don't like the feel of that, though I think I could vote for McCain - but never Guiliani!

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