Wednesday, April 25, 2007

eight lessons learned from duke case, plus one

I would add one more lesson to the 8 that Dennis Prager has listed in his column. Lesson #9 is that the modern liberaliar will stop at nothing to advance their socialistic, atheistic agenda. Truth, justice and the American way are the first 3 casualties of the liberal jihad. If innocent people get rolled up by the liberaliar machine, that's just too bad. Collateral damage is inevitable in any war. Liberaliars don't care about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights or the Declaration of Independence. Those are antiquated documents written by dead white guys, and they are no longer relevant in a "progressive" society. They don't care about the truths and teachings found in the Bible. Those are myths written by and for a superstitious people who aren't sophisticated enough to worship at the altar of secular humanism. The modern liberaliar cannot tell the difference between good and evil, fact and fiction, or justice and injustice. All the liberaliar knows is that socialism, within the framework of secular humanism and under the complete control of like-minded liberaliars, must become the law of the land whether we the people like it or not. And they will do or say absolutely anything to accomplish that goal.


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