Thursday, April 12, 2007

what the duke case tells us about the modern liberaliar

What a clear picture we have here showing just how dangerous the modern liberaliar is! I won't rehash all of the details of the Duke lacrosse case; everybody already knows the details. I will list for you, though, what lessons we can learn from this case about 21st Century liberalism:

1. Truth and reality are the enemies of the modern liberaliar. How many times during this whole sordid affair did we hear about another inconsistence in the "victim's" story? How many times did we hear about evidence that showed that the "victim" was a liar? None of that made any difference to the liberaliars who make up the faculty and staff at Duke. None of that made any difference to the race pimps and the rhymin' reverends who make up the "clergy" of modern "liberaliarism." The liberaliar will never let the truth get in the way of a good liberal lie! During the last 24 hours, I have heard two different liberaliar members of the media say that they are convinced that "something happened" in that house, and that it was just "sloppy prosecution" that prevented us from "getting to to the truth" of what those Duke guys "did to that girl." Good grief!

2. The modern liberaliar is a master of hypocracy and the double standard. A young, black female stripper falsely accuses three young, white, middle class men of rape, and she's a victim and a hero. Her accusations, and the criminal conduct of a dishonest prosecutor, all led to these three young men being scarred for life. And they were innocent! The modern liberaliar is OK with that, because it all helps to further the liberaliar agenda. Compare that to Don Imus. He called a group of young women a nasty name. We are taught in kindergarten that "words can never harm us," and that we should ignore name calling. That doesn't quite fit in with the liberaliar agenda, though, so Imus gets nailed to the wall. The ugly words spoken by Imus don't come close to causing the damage that the despicable actions of the stripper and the prosecutor caused to the Duke lacrosse players, but the liberaliar double standard reverses them. Imus is a pariah, the lying stripper is a "victim." I say again, good grief!

3. The modern liberaliar has absolutely no use for the concept of individual rights or civil liberties. All judgements about justice are filtered through the lens of group identity and victimhood. If you are a member of a group that happens to be one of the "liberal approved" victim groups, then you are accorded a different level of justice than if you belong to a group that has not been approved for victimhood status. Individuals have no rights, according to the theology of modern liberalism. Only groups have rights, and they must be the approved groups.

4. The modern liberaliar is the sole arbiter of what is just and what is not just. All thought, opinion, speech and actions must be held up to liberal scrutiny, in order for the liberaliar intelligentsia to tell the rest of us what is acceptable and what is not. It is the modern liberaliar who is entitled to decide what rights and liberties the rest of us may enjoy. If you are a white, middle class college kid at an upscale university, then you just aren't entitled to the same level of due process as a black, female stripper. The college kids are guilty until proven innocent, and then, apparently, they are still guilty. The black female stripper was publically caught in lie after lie after lie after lie......yet the liberaliar says we CANNOT question her credibility. The liberaliar says that is is UNACCEPTABLE for a white, incoherent, drooling ex-hippie to use the word "ho," but rap/gangsta/hip hop music that contains language far worse is "protected speech." Why is this so? Because the modern liberaliar says it's so, that's why! The modern liberaliar is the sole arbiter of what is acceptable thought, speech and opinion.

5. The modern liberaliar, when confronted with truth, reality, or with any opinion that conflicts with their own cockamamie worldview, will use any means necessary to squelch the opposition. Threats, intimidation, violence, legal action....whatever it takes. The modern liberaliar will not tolerate any threat to their delusions.

If you think that I am angry, you are correct! The Duke lacrosse case and the Imus case are crystal clear, bright and shining examples of just how dangerous the modern liberaliar is. We the people of the conservative majority absolutely cannot allow the radical left to successfully appoint themselves to the position of Culture Czar. Modern liberalism is relentlessly seeking to destroy the foundation of America, as built by the Founding Fathers, and we cannot let them succeed.


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