Thursday, April 12, 2007

contrary to conventional liberal wisdom, it's more than just imus,0,3616109.column

Sports columnist Shaun Powell hits the nail on the head in this piece. I don't recall the race pimps and the rhymin' reverends staging protests over the filth produced by the rap and hip-hop industries, even though they use the exact same hateful, ignorant language that Imus used. I have never heard Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton speak out about the cancers of illigitimacy or promiscuity that have all but destroyed the black family in America, yet they blow a gasket when one insignificant old drunk attempts to "sound black" on a radio show.

What Imus did was wrong, and the language he used was hateful, and if I was his boss I would fire him, but I don't think that he carried hate in his heart when he used those words. Imus is part of the entertainment industry, and in that industry, the filthy hateful language of the "gangsta culture"--the hip hop culture--has become "cool." Imus looks around and thinks, "All the cool kids talk like this," and so he talks like that. He doesn't want people to look at him as a 66-year old drooling, incoherent, recovering alcoholic. He wants to be cool. That is sad and it is pathetic, but it is not hateful.

What is hateful is the hip hop culture that spawned this hateful language, and the people--both black and white--who peddle that smut to our kids. The race pimps that have jumped on this incident like a bunch of vultures going after a rotting carcass are also hateful. They should be ridiculed and shunned, and the filth that they promote, and the disunity that they create, should be rejected.


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