Monday, April 02, 2007

tom tancredo announces

Contrary to what the media will tell you, there are choices for conservatives in the 2008 election. Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo has now formalized his presidential bid, and California Rep. Duncan Hunter is already in the race. Don't pay any attention to who the media says has the "ability to win." We conservatives will make that determination, and that's a fact.

If we conservatives are passive during the primary process, we'll end up with a pseudo-conservative candidate that will split the base. That scenario will give us Pres. Clinton, or Pres. Gore, or Pres. Edwards.

If we conservatives continue the childish temper tantrum that we threw last year, where we decided we would "punish" the GOP by not voting, then that inaction will successfully elect the Democrat. Read my lips, fellow conservatives. A non-vote is, in real life, a vote for the Democrat.

If we conservatives think that we have the option of supporting a third-party candidate in '08, we had better do a reality check. A conservative "third candidate" will elect the Democrat.

If, however, we do our homework, and we zero in on the true conservatives, and we ignore the media hype, and we make sure that the GOP candidate is the most principled Christian conservative in the field, then we will win in '08.

It is up to us, and that's a fact.


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