Monday, April 02, 2007

today it's easter egg hunts, tomorrow it's human sacrifices!

The author of this article, Lowell Ponte, may have a point here. My gosh, Easter egg hunts are just the first step on the slippery slope of paganism. If we let our kids hunt for colored eggs today, maybe tomorrow they will bow down in prayer to chocolate bunnies! That will lead to more pagan rituals among our young people until finally, they will be performing human sacrifices on altars built out of Cadbury Creme Eggs! Oh, the humanity!

Good grief, people! If you find yourself agreeing with the article I linked to, then you need to check yourself. Repeat after me--"It's just an Easter Egg Hunt!" Repeat as many times as needed to rid yourself of all silly thoughts inspired by the above article.

The Methodist Church that I and my family are members of has a wonderful Easter tradition. Three Saturdays before Easter, the children of the church gather in the gym/fellowship hall to do various arts and crafts and to play games. That lasts for about an hour. At that point our coordinator of children's programs gathers all of the children together to listen to a reading of the Easter Story from a children's story Bible. Then, the kids are divided into appropriate age groups for the big Easter egg hunt (yes, that infamous cult known as Methodists condones Easter egg hunting!). After all of that is done, one child is selected to be sacrificed to the Giant Chocolate Bunny that our church worships. OK, obviously that last part is a lie. Do you see my point?

Fellow Christians, lighten up! There are so many real problems in our world that we must address. There are people living all around us in pain and suffering from real sin and who are facing real crises and we are commanded to minister to these people. We can't waste time worrying about imaginary problems like Paganistic Colored Egg Worship!


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