Friday, April 13, 2007

news about the war that the left doesn't want you to know

Charles Krauthammer is a columnist who can always be relied on for reasonable, educated opinion and news. He is a conservative, but he's not an apologist for the GOP. When criticizing needs to be done, he will do it. He is a voice of reason in a political culture that is sadly lacking in reason.

This particular column gives details about how the tide is beginning to shift in Iraq. Now don't misunderstand. He's not saying that the streets of Baghdad are "just as safe as the Bargersville Flea Market." What he is saying is that progress finally is happening, and that it is due to the changes and adjustments made by the Bush administration in the last 6 months. Of course, the drive by media won't report any of this. The Democrat liberaliars in Congress won't acknowledge any of this either. Everybody on the radical left will continue to do everything in their power, both legal and illegal, to sabatoge the war effort and to betray the brave men and women of America's Armed Services. The radical left is 100% committed to defeat because they believe that America's defeat will result in more political power for them. Those of us who comprise the all-too-often silent majority must become more vocal in our support for victory in the Middle East. We owe that to ourselves, to the soldiers, and to our children and grandchildren.


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