Wednesday, March 21, 2007

self-loathing in america

Michael Barone, as usual, does an excellent job of cutting right to the core of the truth in this column about the "Blame America First" crowd, AKA the modern left. Barone correctly exposes our public schools and our colleges and universities as the fertile breeding grounds for this type of wrong-headed leftist thinking, and he correctly exposes the fallacies inherent in this thinking. What Barone doesn't do is to address the all-important question of "why?" Just why does the modern left blame America first?

The answer to that question can be summed up in one word--POWER. The vast majority of Americans are to the right of center on the political spectrum. The vast majority of Americans believe in the traditional American values as found in our Christian heritage. Most Americans want less government intrusion in their lives, not more. There's no percentage in that, if you're a liberal. There's no way to amass power in a system like that, if you are a liberal. So, the modern liberal goes forth with their radical agenda in their quest for the kind of power that would be theirs in a socialist, secular progressive society.

First, they do everything in their power to convince the majority that there is something inherently evil about being proud of traditional American values. They use propaganda to convince the majority that we should feel guilty over the blessings God has bestowed upon us, and ashamed of publically expressing any thought having to do with our Christian heritage.

Second, they flood the colleges and universities, especially the teacher colleges and the law schools, with like-minded liberals. The graduating lawyers set out to use the courts to change American law so that it fits in with the socialist, secular progressive agenda. The graduating teachers set out to indoctrinate our children in the socialist, secular progressive agenda.

The result? A majority of we the people roll over and allow modern liberals to destroy the foundation of America and to take control of the institutions of democracy. A majority of we the people act like we have no right to stand up to the tyranny of the left, to stop the madness, and to rebuild the foundation of this constitutional republic as created by our Founding Fathers. There had better be an awakening of the majority in this country, and we had better become bold warriors in this war for the soul of America, or the America of our fathers will become extinct within one generation.


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