Wednesday, March 21, 2007

being a "nice, polite" christian

This is something I hear quite frequently. I read it in the papers, I hear it about other Christians, and I hear it directed towards me. "You call yourself a Christian. That's not how Christians are supposed to act! Christians are supposed to be 'loving.' They aren't supposed to be 'hateful.' Christians are supposed to be 'nice, polite' people."

In my ever-plain-spoken opinion, when liberals say silly stuff like that, what they really mean is, "Christians are supposed to be weak. Christians shouldn't stand up for their beliefs, because that might offend a good liberal. Christians aren't supposed to speak out about sin, because that would be 'intolerant' and 'hateful.' Christians are supposed to let liberals have their own way because, well, that's the way liberals want it." I reject that! Quite honestly, way too many Christians buy in to that malarkey, but I don't. I reject the whole notion that Christian love equals weakness and cowardly meekness. Are any of the following stories from the Bible illustrative of weakness or cowardly meekness?

1. Jesus clearing the temple using a whip made of leather straps
2. Moses breaking the tablets when he came down from the mountain and found the Israelites worshipping idols.
3. John the Baptist boldly told Herod that he was guilty of adultery.

There are hundreds of other stories of bold Christianity in the Bible, but you get the point. We Christians are commanded to be true to God's Word, even when others tell us to stop being "impolite." Always remember, that's just code for "sit down and be still, Christian!" Don't listen to the liberal lie!


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