Tuesday, March 20, 2007

why is everyone so surprised about arnold?

Rush Limbaugh had a caller on his show this afternoon that really made me scratch my head. The topic of conversation was Arnold Schwartzenegger. It seems that conservatives are shocked-- SHOCKED, I say!-- that Arnold moved to the left. It also seems that Arnold is tired of hearing about Limbaugh criticizing him, so he called El Rushbo "irrelevant." Rush's comments today on the subject of the "Governator" were not particularly good.
content/032007.guest.html is the link to Rush's response to the "irrelevant" comment, and
content/01125114.guest.html is the link to the call from "Susan in Alamo." You can read the commentary for yourself, but as I listened, a few thoughts popped right to the top of my brain:

1. Why is everybody so surprised by "Liberal Arnold?" When Arnold was campaigning for governor, and being fawned over by every conservative in the country (including Limbaugh and Hannity) I distinctly remember a very telling interview I saw on TV with Tom Arnold. You remember him don't you? The ex-Mr. Roseanne Barr? He and Schwartzenegger are best friends, and Tom was running his campaign. Tom Arnold is a big-time liberal, and he was asked how he could be such good friends with a "conservative" like the Terminator? Tom answered, "Because he's NOT a conservative. He's running as a Republican, and you can call him whatever you want, but he's no conservative!" I knew right then that California was getting ready to make a big mistake, and I was right.

2. When the Gray Davis recall election was happening, Arnold wasn't the only GOP candidate. He was opposed by a staunch conservative named Tom McClintock who, unfortunately, didn't have the "star quality" that Arnold did. California Republicans were asking themselves a question back then that "Susan from Alamo" repeated today on Limbaugh's show concerning the 2008 election. "Do we vote out of principle for the strongest conservative (in the primaries), or do we vote for the guy that can win?" That is such an irritating question to me, and Limbaugh struck out in his attempt to answer it. The short answer is that you vote for the conservative. ALWAYS vote for the strongest conservative! Voting should not be treated like betting on a horse at the track!

Fellow conservatives, please allow me to state a couple of universal truths, just as simply as I can. First--true conservatism wins every day of the week, and twice on Sunday if we so-called conservatives don't get in the way. With regards to 2008, GOP primary voters should be asking one question--which candidate is the strongest conservative? I guarantee it isn't "Rudy McRomney!" GOP voters need to be looking in the direction of Duncan Hunter, or Tom Tancredo, or Sam Brownback. If Gingrich or Fred Thompson enter the race, they would be worth looking at as well. Second, don't worry about "Who can beat Hillary?" or "Who can beat Obama?" That's loser talk! Make them match up to us! We pick a principled, Reagan conservative, we strongly support that candidate, regardless of their name, and we win in 2008. Period! It's just that simple!


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