Monday, March 26, 2007

national reconciliation? how about we just kill the bad guys!

Lee Hamilton is a good and decent man, but he is so naive it's painful! His latest op-ed talks about a "national reconciliation" among the warring factions in Iraq. Read this one paragraph from the column to see an example of what I mean:

Just what is meant by national reconciliation? For the Sunni insurgency to end, Iraq's Sunni Arabs must believe they can get a fair deal through the political process. For Shiite militias to stop killing Sunnis and attacking each another, Shiite factions must accept a view of democracy in which political power is not absolute. For Iraq to avoid partition, Iraq's Kurds must balance a desire for greater autonomy with the benefits of a unified Iraq. The violence underscores the difficulty of the task, but there is wide agreement on what benchmarks need to be met to advance national reconciliation.

Are you kidding me? The violence in Iraq is being fueled by outside agitators who just so happen to be radical Islamic terrorists. Islamofascists are not interested in "getting a fair deal through the political process." Jihadists don't give two hoots about a "view of democracy in which political power is not absolute." Radical Islam has no desire to "balance a desire for greater autonomy with the benefits of a unified Iraq." Let me make this as simple as I can. Islamofascist jihadists want to kill everybody who won't bow down to Islam. They despise America's freedom. They want to utterly destroy America and Israel. They want to murder every man, woman and child in America who they can't convert and enslave within their dysfunctional religious worldview. Is that clear enough? Do you get it? The terrorists don't want to make peace. The terrorists want us dead.

Can we make peace with these people by being nice? Absolutely not. We make peace by killing the terrorists. We must devote 100% of our resources to killing as many terrorists as we can, as quickly as we can. We must put the world on notice. Anyone who encourages or enables Islamic terrorism is just as guilty as the terrorists themselves, and we will kill them too. Kill the bad guys who have declared war on us, who have brought a jihad against us that we didn't ask for and don't deserve, and then we will have peace.

Maybe it would be worthwhile to review these outstanding words of wisdom from Hurricane Harry. It really is just that simple.


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