Saturday, March 17, 2007

gay indoctrination in the schools

When I read this article, it reminded me of an incident at the high school I used to teach at.

About 13 years ago, it was announced at my old school that we were going to have an "AIDS Awareness Day." We were told that there would be a presentation each period of the day in the auditorium about AIDS prevention, and we were encouraged to take our students. No announcement was made to the parents and no permission slips were required. The school was not going to make attendance mandatory, but all teachers were strongly encouraged to bring their classes, due to the fact that "AIDS doesn't discriminate" and "We're all in danger from AIDS" and "Anyone can get AIDS" and several other equally false liberal cliches. I was skeptical, but I decided to take my 1st period class anyway.

Imagine my surprise when I got to the convo and discovered a group of the gayest, swishiest guys I have ever seen up on stage, talking about their experiences with AIDS. They all talked about how so many of their friends had died of AIDS, and how the government just didn't care, and about how we all just needed to bond together and love each other to fight this horrible disease. All of them were crying on stage, and they had the students in the audience worked up so that some of the students were crying as well.

Then it happened.

The "Head Gay" on the panel started talking about how lonely it can be as a high school student when you have questions about your sexuality and you are also scared about a horrible disease. He then issued an evangelical-style "come down to the front" call for any student who "just wanted to talk." I was shocked. This whole "AIDS Awareness" thing was a scam. Kids were being recruited for an alternative, dangerous, potentially lethal lifestyle! I can't tell you how angry I was at that point. I resolved to not take any more classes down to the "show" for the rest of the day.

Second period, my class asked if they could go, and I told them no. One student chastised me, and asked me why I didn't want my students to know about AIDS prevention. I'll tell you exactly what I told that student.

"AIDS prevention is easy, and I can give you the whole lesson in less than 30 seconds. Don't have sex until you're married. Stay monogamous after you get married. Don't do drugs. Stay away from homosexuality. If you do all those things, you probably won't get AIDS. If you don't follow my advice, you very well might get AIDS. End of lesson." I then said, "By the way, I went to the presentation 1st period, and it wasn't about AIDS prevention. It was about telling high school kids that it's OK to be gay. It's not OK. It's dangerous and it's unhealthy, and I won't take one of my classes to a seminar that is attempting to recruit kids to the gay lifestyle. End of discussion."

Well! Don't you know that my comments created quite the furor! The principal actually called me into his office and told me that I had to apologize for my "insensitive" remarks. I told him that I would be happy to apologize, but that I would make my apologies at a public school board meeting, right after I had explained to everyone in attendance about the events surrounding my remarks. I invited him to go with me, just in case the school board had any questions for him. Well! Don't you know that Mr. Liberal Principal backed right off the whole apology thing, told me to just be careful in the future and concluded our meeting. Ain't that just the way with liberals? If you just stand up to them, and refuse to take any guff from them, they will back off.

Moral of the story? As parents, we must stay on top of our children's education. We have to make it our business to find out what they are being taught. We have to get to know their teachers, and we have to know what the curriculum guidelines are. And we cannot be afraid to get in someone's face if the school attempts to teach our kids stuff that is harmful to them. We owe that to our kids.


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