Friday, October 05, 2007

this will be my last post

The time has come to shut down this blog. Family commitments and job commitments have gotten to the point where I just don't have the time to sit in front of a computer anymore. Besides all that, I just don't have that much more to say! Before I close this out, however, I want to tie up a few loose ends.

I had been posting a series of comments about the 13 steps Christian conservatives could take to transform America, and I had made it to #7. The rest of the steps are as follows:

8. Teach your children to love America and to appreciate America's Christian heritage. is an excellent resource for this purpose.
9. Teach your children to respect the sanctity of human life. Regular prayer, worship and Bible reading as a family, coupled with constant dialogue about how absolutely precious human life is from the moment of conception, is crucial for this purpose.
10. Teach your children to respect the sanctity of marriage and the traditional family. Lead by example in this area. For the last 50 years we have been teaching each generation after generation that marriages are "disposable" and that it's not important to follow God's blueprint for the ideal family. The damage to our culture has been enormous!
11. Teach your children self-reliance rooted in faith. Children who are taught to work hard, to hold themselves accountable for their actions, to accept the consequences for their actions, and to faithfully love God with their entire being will generally not grow up expecting Mommy and Daddy Government to provide them a living. When you raise up a child according to that blueprint you are raising up a good American citizen. We owe that to our fellow citizens.
12. Be on constant guard against the secular progressive agenda in your kids' school. If you send your children to a public school, they will run into secular progressivism. That's a promise. I know that because I am a veteran in the public schools. As a parent, you have the ultimate responsibility for your child's education. Teach them wisely, providing them the tools necessary to resist the secular influence. Talk to your children every day about what happened in school. If you have concerns, voice them. If your concerns are ignored, get louder. Don't be afraid to rock the boat. Turn the boat over if you have to! If your child's physical safety was being threatened you wouldn't hesitate to act. Don't be any less aggressive if your child's spiritual safety is in danger.
13. Become politically active. Many Christians are reluctant to become active in politics, and I think that's absolutely crazy! It also contradicts the Bible. Jesus didn't tell us to go into all the world to preach the Gospel......except for that dirty world of politics! We have a duty to be a light to the world, and that includes the world of politics. Does that mean we have to run for office? No. It does mean that we need to vote. It means that we must pray for our political leaders (see,2933,299374,00.html for interesting info). We must pray that God will give us wise leaders of good moral character, and then we must pray that God will give them guidance. We must speak the truth every time we we are faced with lies. We must be bold in our efforts to effect change in our society.

Thank you for reading my comments over the last year and a half or so. God bless each and every one of you! May this nation truly become "one nation under God." God bless America!


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