Tuesday, September 25, 2007

a global warming primer


The National Center For Public Policy Research has published an excellent report on the whole topic of global warming. Some of the highlights of this report are as follows:

"Over long periods of time, there is no close relationship between CO2 levels and temperature."

"Humans contribute approximately 3.4 percent of annual CO2 levels" compared to 96.6 percent by nature.

"There was an explosion of life forms 550 million years ago (Cambrian Period) when CO2 levels were 18 times higher than today. During the Jurassic Period, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, CO2 levels were as much as nine times higher than today."

"Polar bear numbers increased dramatically from around 5,000 in 1950 to as many as 25,000 today, higher than any time in the 20th century." (That's for all of the public school teachers who are telling kids that polar bears are dying because their mommies and daddies drive SUV's.)

Knowledge is power. Liberaliars are counting on the majority failing to learn the truth concerning climate so that they can force feed their cockamamie Marxist agenda down our throats. Don't believe the lies!


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