Wednesday, August 29, 2007

the liberal practice of twisting language

I just saw a great example of the relentless assault on language that is being carried out by the modern left. Let me explain what I mean.

The modern leftist knows, deep within their little Marxist heart, that most Americans will never in a million years go along with their cockamamie agenda. Incidentally, that's why liberals get so rabid over judicial nominations. Unelected judges, wholly unaccountable to the people, provide the avenue for passage of the Marxist agenda. That's an agenda that would never pass legislatively!

Anyway, liberals know that, if they simply state their opinions in an honest, straightforward manner, most Americans would oppose them. What liberals do, then, is to change the meanings of words, so that they mean something else entirely. In this way, liberals are able to confuse people and to slip their agenda into being under cover of subterfuge. I'll give you two examples.

This is a Reuters news story that says that America's schools are becoming more segregated. Segregation, of course, refers to public policy which mandates separateness between the races (or any other classification of people) and we all know that segregation was outlawed decades ago. According to the story, however, segregation is back due to recent Supreme Court rulings.

This of course is a lie. Segregation has not made a comeback and the Supreme Court didn't authorize segregation. What the Supreme Court said is that a school board may not deny a student admission into their neighborhood school just because of race. You see, some school boards think it's OK to bus students across town to schools far away just to achieve some nebulous goal of "diversity." That's ridiculous, that's unconstitutional, and the Supreme Court put a stop to it.

What is happening is that white parents with the means to do so are pulling their children out of failing public schools and are choosing to home school them or to enroll them in private schools. There is nothing in the world wrong with that. What is wrong, however, is for liberals to oppose voucher programs that would provide the same opportunity for poorer minority children.

What liberals are hoping for is that, if they scream "segregation" loud enough, a majority of Americans will actually believe them and allow the horrendous social engineering programs of the left to go unchallenged.

Don't believe the lies. You can always tell when a liberal is lying. It's when their lips are moving. It is at that point that you need to tune out and to begin speaking truth back to the lie.


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