Thursday, June 14, 2007

why liberals spread poverty

This is an excellent column by Kevin McCullough. It is an indisputable fact that the liberaliars on the left loathe prosperity (except for themselves) and desire nothing more than they desire increased poverty for "we the people." Look how rabid they are in their hatred of the Bush tax policies that have increased wealth for people in all income brackets, that have created jobs, that have increased home ownership, and that cured the Clinton recession. Liberals hate prosperity, and that's an indisputable fact.

The question then becomes, "Why?"

Prosperity decreases the need for we the people to rely on Mommy and Daddy Government for our daily bread. An "ownership society," as articulated by Pres. Bush, eliminates the need for a "welfare society," as articulated by Hillary and all other liberaliars. If we the people don't need Mommy and Daddy Government to provide us with cradle to grave entitlement programs, then liberals lose much of their power over us.

Power is what liberaliars crave more than anything in the world. They need it like a pig needs slop. They need it like Dracula needs blood. Liberaliars don't particualrly care how they get power, wither. They just want power.

Illustrations of this basic truth:

Liberaliars want to increase the minimum wage, even though increasing the minimum wage has been proven to cause more unemployment. That leads to the need for more welfare bureauacracy, under the control of more liberaliars.

Liberaliars want to increase funding to public education, even though it's been proven that, the more funding goes up, the less is funneled to the actual student, and the less education kids actually receive. This creates more education bureauacracy, under the control of liberaliars. This also creates new generations of under-educated welfare recipients, who will have to rely upon liberaliars representing Mommy and Daddy Government for their daily bread.

Liberaliars want to pull out of Iraq, even though our actions in Vietnam prove that such an action would result in bloody genocide. This will lead (they think) to increased dissatisfaction with Bush and the GOP, and landslide victories for the Dems in 2008.

Liberaliars want to convert America into a socialist society, even though there has never been a successful, completely socialist economy in the history of the world. This gives liberaliars more power over the economy.

Liberaliars want to greatly expand the "rights" of criminals because that will neccessiate more "protection" from Mommy and Daddy Government.

Each and every proposed liberaliar "solution" to "solve" the "crisis" of "man-made global warming" will lead to more and more liberaliar control over our daily lives with no measurable effects on the environment. Well, except for the ideas about toilet paper usage, light bulbs, and ethanol. Those "solutions" will lead to a society of dirty butts paying $5 for an ear of corn while wearing astronaut suits because of mercury contanimation in their homes.

Not to worry, though, because the liberaliars will be in charge. So we'll have that going for us. Which is nice.


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