Sunday, June 03, 2007

this is one more reason why the irs should be abolished

How can it be any clearer? The federal government is becoming increasingly more hostile towards Christians, yet many Christians are more than willing to just roll over and take it. That's weak!

I have heard Rush Limbaugh say many times that we will bounce back and forth between Republican administrations and Democrat administrations, but one thing will never change. Liberals are absolutely relentless in their desire to become entrenched in the federal bureaucracy. They want this because those positions are "behind the scenes" and virtually invisible to the average American, but they are extremely powerful. This is one of the ways in which liberals can ram their cockamamie agenda down our throats without winning an election.

Fellow Christian conservatives, this is why it is so crucial that we become bolder and louder as we look to "rock the boat." Change won't happen unless we force the issue.


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