Sunday, June 10, 2007

muslim congressman is a "security risk"

What should the reaction be to a Congressman (Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minnesota) who associates with a Muslim group that promotes jihad?

Read the article for yourself. In my opinion, Congress should immediately begin an investigation into the ties between Rep. Ellison and the Muslim American Society. If he is, in fact, a supporter of that organization, or if he has accepted money from that organization, Congress should expel him from the House, as is their power according to Article I, Sec. 5 of the U.S. Constitution. He should then be apprehended and questioned vigorously as to his knowledge of and participation in that organization's activities.

Further, if it is determined that grounds exist to try the man for treason, then he should be prosecuted, and punished, to the fullest extent of the law. In other words, if he has committed treason, he should be given a fair trial, found guilty, and hanged by the neck until dead.

Question: What are the chances that any of the above will actually happen? Answer: Slim to none, and Slim just left town.

Conclusion: The curse of political correctness will end up being the death of America. Thank you liberals!


Anonymous Hee-Haw said...


Are you sure you didn’t have one too many acid trips in your pre-right life? Because your blog just gets more and more bizarre. But how I do love your reading it. You’re like a one-stop shop for all the latest targets of seething hatred from the lunatic right.

You want Ellsion hanged for giving a speech? I bet you would like to see that hondo…a black man getting hanged, and a bonus that he is a black Muslim man huh? I’m not sure where you got your “accepted money from that organization” charge, because it is nowhere in the article you cited.

The Eating-Soy-Makes-You-Gay-World-Net-Daily (ESMYG-WND) article is flawed from start. The title “Muslim congressman called 'security' issue--Used Quran for swearing-in, accused of associating with radical group” implies the Ellison is a risk to security because he swore in on the Quran. That is just asinine. The article doesn’t say who exactly “called” Ellison a “security issue” for swearing in on the Quran.

The article relies on the “one-man blog campaign” Americans Against Hate to give it credibility. The “one man” is Joe Kaufman, the neo-con Frontpage Magazine journalist, and spokesman for the pro-Israel lobbying group Terror-Free Oil Initiative. Good old Joe also won the Onion Award last year for “his consistent record of trashing everything Muslim with a broad brush of innuendo, association and excessive rhetoric.”

The article talks about Ellison’s speech in defense of Soliah, but fails to clarify that Ellison was a criminal defense attorney at the time.

The article tries to discredit Ellison for his supporters use of the phrase “Allahu Akbar” translated “God is Great.” Indeed terrorist use the phrase, but so do a great many more non-terrorist. To suggest stopping the usage of the phrase by Muslims , or that Muslims who use the term support terrorism, is just stupid. Had Timothy McVeigh used a common Christian phrase before his act of terrorism – say “blessed be God forever” or “Amen” – it would be stupid for the rest of us to stop the use of these phrases. Wouldn’t you agree?

Anyway, most of educated people realize that (ESMYG-WND) is not exactly a credible news source. I’m surprised that you rely on it so much Hondo. It is a propaganda hate machine, disguised as news.

But "slim to none" is the correct response...thank God.

5:15 PM  
Blogger hondo said...

My, my, Hee Haw, how you do love to distort the truth. I guess that's why you're called a liberaliar!

First, you said that I want Ellison hanged for giving a speech. That's not what I said, and if you had the reading comprehension of my second grade son, you would have figured that out. I said that Congress should investigate Ellison and his ties to a radical Muslim group. I said that he should be expelled from Congress if he has accepted money from that organization. I said that if a federal investigation shows that he committed treason then he should be hanged.

That's why it's impossible to take any of you liberaliars seriously, Hee Haw. You are genetically incapable of telling the truth or of comprehending the written word.

Then you changed the subject and started to attack Just between you and me, I think that Joseph Farrah, the Main Man at WND, is a lunatic, but I still enjoy the site because there is a lot of good news and information on the site. In other words, I have the intellectual capacity to separate the wheat from the chaffe, so to speak, when I read stories on that site. That's why I said that IF he took money, he should be expelled from Congress.

Of course, as a card-carrying member of the lunatic left, you couldn't miss an opportunity to accuse me of being a racist. That's the standard M.O. when a liberal is engaged in a battle of wits with a conservative and has no ammo.

I have two suggestions for you, Hee Haw. First, take a remedial course in reading comprehension. I didn't use any big words in my post, yet you still failed to comprehend any of it. Second, re-read the post after completing your remedial coursework. I think you will see a difference.

6:20 PM  

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