Thursday, May 10, 2007

wit and wisdom from coulter


Anonymous hee-haw said...

Funny enough Hondo, I am off to France next week. Not Paris, but closer to Monte Carlo.

Anyway, Coultergiest is wrong when she writes "...Tony Blair. He's about to leave office -- only to be replaced by a leader from the even more pro-American Conservative Party."

Actually, Blair is being replaced by another Labor party member, probably Chancelor Gordon Brown, not a conservative party member.

The conservative party leader, David Cameron, is actually quite a good guy (at least according to a couple of my close family members who have dealt with him), but the conservaive party will not win Britian back for a long time. The country has done well under the last 10 yrs of Labor govt, and the conseratives continue to be on the loosing side of every know, just like the American conservative party are.

But my point is this: Coulter may be witty, but she is far from wise.

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