Friday, May 18, 2007

"our guys" in congress aren't any better than "their guys"

Over the years, my opinions have changed on a whole host of issues. For example, when I graduated from college back in the early 80's, I was staunchly pro-choice on the abortion issue. I thought that Ronald Reagan was a dangerous "cowboy" with an itchy trigger finger and that he was sure to drag America in to a nuclear war. Pretty shocking, eh? Thank goodness I was able to find my way through the liberal fog and find my way to the truth of principled conservatism!

More recently in my life, I held the opinion that Mike Huckabee was a phony conservative--a RINO-- and that he was not deserving of any support for president. I was just as wrong about Huckabee as I was about Reagan conservatism in 1983. It took me awhile, but I found my way to the truth.

There is one opinion that took me a lot longer to change. From the very beginnings of my interest in politics (1984) until last year, I was firmly opposed to any type of term limits for members of the U.S. House or Senate. My opinion was that the voting process gave "we the people" the power to limit terms, and that it wasn't necessary to create statutory limits.

I was wrong.

Experience has taught me that the "Beltway Culture" is such a corrupting culture, that it is almost impossible for a person to spend any length of time in office there without losing touch with their principles. Assuming, of course, that they had any principles to begin with.

There is one primary reason why the GOP lost Congress last year. They stopped acting like principled conservatives. Too many Republican Congressmen got caught up in scandal and ethics violations. Too many GOP Congressmen treated their fiscal responsibilities like a game of Monopoly, spending our money like John Edwards in a beauty shop (to quote The Great Huckabee). That's why the GOP lost in 2006. Surely, the GOP learned their lesson and changed their ways. Didn't they?

Well, apparently not. I read an article like the one above and I am stunned by the blind arrogance of Congressional Republicans. They just don't get it!

The solution here is term limits. No member of the House may serve more than 4 years in any 6 year time frame. No member of the Senate may serve consecutive terms. That gets people in and out before they lose their minds--and their principles.

Will Congress do this on their own? Of course not. But if we the people demand it, it will happen.


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