Sunday, May 20, 2007

i was wrong, and i apologize

I have stated several times that, in my opinion, John McCain's presidential bid would be over by the end of summer. The end of July, or early August at the latest, was just about when I thought that McCain would be done.

Well, here we are, one week before Memorial Day, and the McCain campaign is dead. I'm quite certain that McCain himself is in denial and still believes that he can win, but events of the past week say otherwise.

First, McCain signed on with fellow liberals in the Senate to ram the illegal immigration amnesty bill through the legislative process. A majority of Americans oppose amnesty for criminals, but McCain is smarter than the rest of us, so he forced the bill down our throats. Then, in a heated exchange with a fellow GOP senator with a different opinion, McCain dropped the F-bomb in a hysterical rant that included additional profanity. Good grief! This is why I call him Sen. McNuts!

I hereby pronounce the "McCain For President" campaign officially comotose, and ask that no heroic measures be taken to resuscitate.


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