Friday, April 06, 2007

what pence should have said

Most of you, I suppose, have heard or read about Rep. Mike Pence (R.-IN) and his comments about the Baghdad street market. You may read them for yourself at

The controversial part of his comments came when he compared the open-air market in Baghdad favorably with a farmer's market here in Indiana. He tried to explain/clarify/spin his remarks, but it didn't help and he got smacked around pretty good for those comments.

Before I put in my 2-cents worth, I will make the necessary disclosure. I am biased in this matter. Pence and I are from the same hometown, and I like the guy. He is honest, he is a good and decent man, and he is a staunch Christian conservative. Now, for my opinion---that was a really dumb comment from a really smart guy! I swear, there must be something in the water in D.C. that makes politicians say silly stuff! Pence did try to clarify his comments, but the clarification just made things worse. If you are wearing a bullet-proof vest and you have a military escort consisting of 100 soldiers, 4 helicopters and a group of trained snipers, you would stand out like a sore thumb at the Bargersville Flea Market! People would certainly notice you!

Please allow me to offer a "transcript" of what I wish Pence had said:

We have a long way to go in Iraq, and there are tough times ahead, but I have seen what it is possible to accomplish in our war against Islamofascism if we just had the courage to do it. While on our tour, we walked through an open-air market in Baghdad. Now, keep in mind, I was wearing a bullet-proof vest, there were 4 attack choppers in the air, we were being escorted by 100 of America's finest soldiers, and we had trained snipers on rooftops all protecting my delegation from any possibility of attack. This temporary "surge" of military troops made this outdoor market in the city of Baghdad seem just as safe as the Bargersville, Indiana Flea Market!

Imagine what Baghdad and the rest of Iraq would be like if the pantie-waists in the American Surrender Party, also known as the Democrats, would stop opposing Pres. Bush's surge plan. If the appeasers would stop appeasing, and would start supporting our Commander-In-Chief and General Petraeus, and would push for a huge surge of the finest military forces in the history of the world, and would quit undermining their efforts, we could make all of Iraq just as safe as Bargersville. It just takes courage, and the will to do what is necessary to kill the bad guys. I hope that the Pelosi-crats and the Murtha-trons are listening!

It's pretty simple, folks. If we send substantially more troops, and we stop fighting with one hand tied behind our backs, we will win. More of us equals less of them. We win, they lose. It's just that simple!


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