Wednesday, April 04, 2007

ten of the most important people in america

The Beltway culture is not conducive to the care and feeding of conservatives. Washington is a town where, it seems, that the longer a person serves in political office there, the more likely they are to compromise the principles they held when they arrived. Washington seems to be poisonous to conservatives! That's why it is so important to support the men and women featured on this list. These are the strongest friends that we the people have in Washington. These are the strongest supporters of the Constitution and of the constitutional republic created by the Founding Fathers. If someone were to ask me who I would most like to see run for President in 2008, I would pick someone from this list. It is imperative that the GOP select the most principled conservative we can find as our candidate for '08. Mike Pence would be the perfect person to start with, but anyone on this list would please me. We must become the aggressors in the war of ideas currently being fought in America. We must stop asking ourselves, "Who can beat Hillary" and instead come out firing with the most conservative candidate possible. Force them to match up with us.

I have learned from experience that liberals are incapable of beating us in a war of ideas. The cockamamie views of the modern liberal simply aren't supported by facts, logic or reason, and the liberal will wilt in the face of conservative truth. Force them to match up with us, and they will lose. I guarantee that, if the GOP united behind one of the people on this list for the '08 race, that candidate would win 60% of the popular vote and win the election in the biggest landslide since Reagan. Wasn't Reagan "something of a conservative?" Amazing how that works, isn't it?


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