Friday, April 20, 2007

excellent commentary on the horrific ginsburg opinion

All right-thinking Americans must never forget the words of liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg--the right to murder unborn babies is central to a woman's life.

Now that's quite a profound statement. Think for a moment about the things that are central to your life. For me personally, I would have to say that my faith in God, my relationship with Jesus Christ, and my family are the 3 things most central to my life. There's nothing else even close.

Maybe you don't have a family, or maybe you're not a Christian. If that's the case, I still want you to think about the things that are central to your life. Maybe it's a love of nature. Maybe sports are central to your life, or the opera, or boating, or fishing, or teaching, or any one of a million other things that are good and wholesome. But, just think about it. Even if you're a liberal, you would have to be a sick, twisted, evil monster, wouldn't you, to say that abortion is central to your life? No matter what side of the abortion debate you come down on, can't we all agree that the word "abortion" means "to kill an unborn, unwanted baby?" What I mean is, if we strip away all of the political spin, and we look at this issue in the cold light of harsh reality, that's what an abortion is. And to take that one step further, "partial-birth abortion" is even more horrific. This is a procedure where the doctor rotates the unborn baby to a footling breech position, then draws the baby out of the uterus feet first, until only the head remains inside the uterus. Then, the physician uses an instrument to puncture the base of the skull, which collapses the baby's head. Typically, the contents of the baby's head are then partially suctioned out, which results in the death of the baby and reduces the size of the baby's head enough to allow it to pass through the cervix. The dead and otherwise intact baby is then removed from the woman's body. That's what partial-birth abortion is, and that is the procedure that Ruth Bader "Josef Mengele" Ginsburg was referring to in her monstrous statement. That is the specific procedure that Ginsburg said was "central to a woman's life."

Even if you happen to be a liberal, doesn't that statement make your stomach turn? If it doesn't, then I don't have any trouble calling you a sick, twisted, evil monster just like Ginsburg, and all of the other Mengele descendants of today.


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