Tuesday, March 20, 2007

american solutions for winning the future


This link will take you to Newt Gingrich's website "American Solutions." According to Gingrich,

American Solutions supporters are Republicans, Democrats and Independents who have had enough of negative, trivial politics and pork-barrel-payoff governing. Their real allegiance isn't to any political party but to the belief that we can and should be doing much more to ensure a better future for our children and grandchildren.
American Solutions supporters believe in entrepreneurs, productivity, the power of technology and innovation to transform our healthcare and our retirement, and the traditional American values of hard work, optimism and acknowledgement of the self-evident truth that our rights come from God.
The goal of the organization I have founded, called American Solutions, is to be the political home of those Americans who know success for our country and for our children and grandchildren will require real solutions to our challenges. American Solutions will spend the next seven months developing real solutions to challenges such as health care, energy independence, securing our borders and protecting our national security. And then, on September 27 -- what Matthew Continetti of the Weekly Standard
dubbed "G-day" last weekend -- we will host a nationwide series of workshops aimed at communicating these solutions to the 511,000+ elected officials in America.

Regular visitors to my blog know that I have expressed support for Gingrich running for President in 2008. Recent events have made me somewhat uneasy about that possibility.

First came the public "cleansing" Gingrich went through with Dr. James Dobson. I am not going to sit here and pretend that I know Newt Gingrich's heart. I can't read his mind. If he says that he has dropped to his knees and asked God's forgiveness for previous marital infidelity, who am I to question that? On the other hand, the sinful, cynical side of me wonders if that wasn't some big old dog and pony show contrived to "suck up" to Christian conservatives. I don't want to be sucked up to. I don't need Gingrich to apologize to me. He didn't hurt me. It's odd, I suppose, that I was more supportive of Newt before his public "confession" to Dobson. The whole thing just made me a little bit disgusted.

Second, I am becoming a little bit wary of Gingrich's "large solutions to large problems" mantra. My suspician is that he wants those "large solutions" to somehow be associated with government. I know that he keeps talking about private sector involvement, but it appears to me that he is talking about a public/private partnership, and I am suspicious of any public involvement.

Third, I am becoming uneasy about Gingrich's fascination with science and technology as solutions to so many of our problems. I am, by nature, a techniphobe, so I distrust science and technology as being "large solutions" to the massive problems of our society. In my opinion, a national change of heart would solve 90% of America's problems. I think that Gingrich probably views that type of thinking as simplistic, and I am troubled by that.

Oh well, it's nothing to get bent about at this early stage of the game. Gingrich hasn't even announced. I will, though, be watching and listening very carefully as his "American Solutions" agenda takes shape.


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