Thursday, June 07, 2007

what will happen if el presidente's immigration bill passes?

El Presidente Jorge Bush and his amigos in Mexico's shadow government, currently ensconced in Washington D.C., are hell bent on passing a new amnesty bill for illegal immigrants that would make the 1986 amnesty bill look trivial by comparison (that's the bill that caused America's illegal immigrant population to swell from 3 million back then to more than 20 million today). Most polls show that more than 70% of Americans oppose the bill, yet our elected representatives are pushing forward, more determined than ever to shove the bill down our throats and against our will.

Today's question: What will happen to America if the proposed legislation is signed into law? Well, let's start with what we know for sure.

We know for sure that the vast majority of illegal immigrants come from Mexico and Central America. We know that most of them are poor and, because most of them are poorly educated, they will remain poor (Note to liberals: Isn't it interesting that poor people from other countries are willing to move heaven and earth to become poor people in America? Kind of puts the whole myth about "American poverty" in perspective, doesn't it?). We know that illegals living here, for the most part, don't have health insurance. They work at jobs that don't pay very much, so they are unable to save for the future (401k's, retirement accounts, etc.). We know that most illegals make little to no effort to assimilate into the American culture by learning to speak English or by learning about the uniquely American values and principles passed down from generation to generation, originating from our Founding Fathers. We know that immigration, both legal and illegal, is the main reason for American population growth. Studies show that America's population will skyrocket over the next 50 years, and that 60-65% of that population growth will come as a result of illegal immigrants and their children/grandchildren. We know for sure that the cycle of poverty, or the welfare mentality, or whatever you want to call it is passed from generation to generation. In other words, poverty is handed down from generation to generation. Finally, we know that, on average, 12 Americans are murdered each and every day by illegal immigrants, and that 13 Americans are killed each day by drunk illegal alien drivers. That's approximately 8000 Americans who die each year because of illegal immigration.

Now, let's take what we know for sure and use that information to predict what America will look like in 2050 if the Bush amnesty bill becomes law.

The last amnesty bill caused the number of illegals living in America to multiply by 7 in 20 years, so I think we can be safe in saying that the new amnesty bill will mutiply the illegal population by at least that much by 2050. That means over 140 million by 2050, and that's a real conservative estimate. Of course, by then the designations "legal" and "illegal" will cease to have any meaning. The children of illegal immigrants born on American soil are automatically "legal citizens." That's just like having a pregnant woman break into your home, give birth on your sofa, and then getting the government to tell you that you are financially obligated to support mother and child for the rest of their lives. Ain't that a kick in the head! Truthfully, by 2050 we will probably have closer to 200 million people living in America who are here either directly or indirectly as a result of illegal immigration.

What will those 140-200 million people look like? Most of them will be poorly educated and living in poverty. Most will be on some kind of government assistance, but won't be paying into that system themselves due to the low wages they will be earning. Most will have taxpayer-funded health care. Most will be part of a permanent underclass that will have no means of climbing the ladder to reach a better station in life.

Because most will be on welfare, they will have the sense of entitlement that living on welfare breeds. They will see government assistance as their birthright, and they will vote (legally and illegally) for socialist politicians who pander to that mentality. As a result, taxes will increase to levels we haven't seen sonce the failed Carter administration and our economy will be crushed. Say hello to permanent stagflation!

Oh, and by the way--how about the death toll that I referenced earlier? My guess is that, instead of 8000 Americans killed annually by illegals, we will have closer to 20,000 killed annually by drunk illegal alien drivers and illegal immigrant murderers. What effect do you suppose that will have on the American economy?

That's OK, though. They're doing the jobs "Americans won't do." Gosh, I feel like such a racist for not welcoming all of our new "fellow Americans" with open arms!


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