Sunday, April 22, 2007

let's play the "what if" game

What if.....a college student stalked female students, and sexually threatened them? What if this same college student wrote poetry and "creative writing" stories depicting unspeakable violence against women? What if this same student made all of the female students in his creative writing class feel so unsafe that they all stopped attending class? What is these were not isolated incidents? What if, instead, they were part of a pattern that the campus administration, campus police, faculty, students, and the local law enforcement were all aware of? In other words, what if everybody knew about the behavior of this college student? How would they respond?

What if.....a college student, attending a college where it was illegal to carry a concealed weapon, suddenly decided that he was going to break the law and start carrying a gun. What if that college student was caught, and then told police that he was scared for his safety in the wake of the Va Tech massacre and that he wanted to protect himself? What if that college student told the police that he didn't care what the law said, that he was going to carry a gun anyway because he just didn't trust campus officials to protect him? How would the authorities respond?

Question---What would happen to each of these two students? Another way of asking the question---Which of the two students would go to jail?

Last question--based on your honest answer to the above questions, just how screwed up is our society?


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