Thursday, March 29, 2007

what good is liberal power if they can't use it to restrict our civil liberties?

The above link will take you to a fascinating look inside the liberal though process. The short version of the story is that, last week the House Democrats sent a resolution to the floor that would give the District of Columbia full voting rights in Congress, just like the states. That would violate the Constitution, but the liberal Democrats didn't care because they know that D.C. is predominantly Democrat, so passing the bill into law would give them more power.

The GOP responded by adding an amendment to the bill that would eliminate the total gun ban that currently exists in D.C.

Wow! What is a good liberal to do? If they go ahead and pass the bill they stand a good chance of increasing their majority in the House. That's a good thing for liberals. They also expand the rights of D.C. residents to keep and bear arms, just as is written in the 2nd Amendment. That's a bad thing for liberals. As most people know, liberals absolutely hate to give we the people more freedom, power or choices, unless of course the "choice" happens to be to kill an unborn baby. Then they're all for more choice! Not when the 2nd Amendment is involved though. That amendment is evil!

What did the liberal Democrats do? They dropped the bill. Isn't that interesting? Congressional liberals sent a clear message to America. They don't want more power if they can't use that power to further restrict our civil liberties! Thank you for the teachable moment!


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